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Declutter Your Mind Sessions

“Clutter is not just physical stuff. It's old ideas, toxic relationships, and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self.”   

~ Eleanor Brown  

Declutter Your Mind sessions provide a compassionate, non-judgmental, safe space for you to share what’s on your mind and heart.

Perhaps you’re facing personal challenges, or carrying unresolved emotions or disempowering thoughts or beliefs about your past, present, future.

Anything you bring is welcome.

Depending on the nature of your issue, we may use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or The Work of Byron Katie to help you release and transform what you wish to resolve.  

Although experiencing the whole range of our emotions is perfectly normal, many of us never learned how to properly process them. We may have learned that some emotions are more acceptable than others, that some are right and some are wrong. 'Negative' and intense emotions can be difficult to release from our system. Remaining beneath the surface, they are easily re-triggered. Unprocessed anger, resentment, grief, disappointment, anxiety, fear, jealousy, guilt, shame etc. can accumulate over time as 'inner clutter'. In some cases, this may lead to physical symptoms. EFT is a simple, modern, user-friendly tool that can allow you to easily and quickly process current and old emotions. 

Likewise, unexamined thoughts and beliefs can cause us to suffer. Fear-based thoughts generate fear-based emotions. Unconscious beliefs, inherited from family or culture, act as computer programmes, running silently inside us, shaping our daily reality.  The Work of Byron Katie is a simple, effective method of making unhelpful beliefs conscious, and releasing them, so that you become the architect of your inner and outer world.

During an initial free consultation, we can determine whether a single or series of sessions will best suit your needs.

Please note: I am not a psychotherapist. The self-help tools I use are effective in helping most people manage and have more control over their daily mental/emotional state. However, if you wish to heal deeper issues, e.g. childhood traumas or a psychiatric disorder, I advise you to seek a therapist who specializes in your condition. We can discuss whether we're a good match during our initial consultation.


Sessions (online or in person) last 60 mins and can be purchased individually or as a discounted series:   

  • single session:  £45    (first session 75mins/£55)  

  • series of 3 sessions: £125

  • series of 6 sessions: £240

Contact for a free, no-obligation consultation, to set up a session, or if you have any questions.    

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