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Free Your Mind! Programme

Free Your Mind!  is a 16-week, 1-on-1 mentoring programme designed to transform your inner landscape to a more peaceful, clear one, while equipping you with some simple, effective tools that will help you maintain your inner peace and clarity. The programme is a deeper dive into The Tools, which all help you ‘return to center’ whenever you’ve lost your inner equilibrium, putting you back into a clear, relaxed state of mind.

The Tools allow you to accept and honor who you are, what you think and feel ... without getting stuck or bogged down in emotional states or caught in divisive beliefs.

The programme is custom-made for you, meaning we may adjust time spent on each tool, depending on your needs and preferences. We’ll be working with your personal material or issues as you learn the tools, so the learning process will be transformative and healing.  You'll receive full support between sessions, to help keep you on track.

These easy-to-learn tools can be used at home, or wherever you happen to be, to cultivate more clarity, self-empowerment and wholeness. They'll support you in confidently navigating life’s ups and downs and empower you to use everyday challenges as valuable fuel for your growth. Over time, they can help you discover an unshakable inner foundation of serenity and well-being.

This programme will help you:

  • Feel more empowered

  • Develop greater peace of mind

  • Gain clarity

  • Experience more freedom

  • Develop intuition and self-trust

  •  Handle difficult emotions with more ease and confidence

  • Deepen self-acceptance and self-compassion

  • Bring more peace and harmony into your relationships 

  • Resolve and reframe current or past upsets … and more.

You may have heard teachers say that 'you are already free and whole'. It’s true …. so why don’t you necessarily always feel that way? The answer is because we experience reality through the filter of our thoughts and beliefs, and the feelings they engender. 

We’ve all been taught things that aren't true (about ourselves, others, and life in general), or that are no longer true or helpful for us. Ideas and beliefs we’ve outgrown, that still run inside us, like computer programmes. This can distort our perception of reality and create all kinds of problems in our lives. Many of us don’t know how to go beyond our current thinking and how to identify and release the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve our well-being. 

The combination of tools taught in this programme provide you with a comprehensive transformational toolkit which enables you to take greater control of your mental and emotional state. Many people's thoughts and beliefs control them – rather than the other way around. They live within the confines of learned beliefs, and the disempowering emotions they can generate, without realizing a larger, truer reality exists beyond them.

The tools you'll learn:

1. Meditation:  allows you to step back from your everyday thinking mind, and drop down within, gaining access to the inner peace of your true nature, which is always available to you.

2. Transformational Journaling: a powerful tool that strengthens authentic expression and deepens self-acceptance and self-trust. Effective for cultivating peace and clarity of mind, finding resolution when there’s confusion or upset, and discovering your highest truth about any subject.

3. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): a user-friendly, modern tool that helps you accept the whole range of your emotions, and easily process and transform any difficult ones. Allows you to identify and change unhelpful thought patterns.

4. The Work of Byron Katie: The Work uses the pain-points in your life as a means of deepening your clarity and peace of mind. A powerful path to wholeness and greater harmony within and without, it alchemizes any experience of division into one of unity.

The amount of time we spend on each tool can vary, according to your previous knowledge and experience. For example, if you’re already an experienced meditator, we’ll spend less time on that tool, and more on the others. More information on each tool is available via the Services menu.

This programme is intended for those ready to empower themselves by taking full responsibility for their inner state. It uses your everyday life experiences as the perfect path for on-going personal development, so you no longer need to feel like a victim of your inner or outer reality.

“The most natural state of the mind is to reflect the Absolute … to simply reflect Being.”

~ Igor Kufayev


  • Duration: This 16-week programme consists of a weekly 2-hour class, arranged to suit your schedule (32 class hours total). Plus check-ins by email and/or phone to provide full support between classes and keep you on track. 

  • Where: In person or on-line (Skype/Zoom)

  • Price: £595  (Payment plans can be discussed)

Notes: Handouts provided and homework given.

To register, or if you have questions, call +44 (0)7756 311146  or email 

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