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“I felt very much uplifted, unburdened, more myself, in peace and less confused and scared about my journey, after our session. I feel very grateful to be working with you again.” 
~ Angela, San Francisco 

“Sahina, you are keeping me sane! You create a space of sanctuary that is rare in this world. Your questions and insights always help me tremendously, and you always find a way for me to turn the new insights into a helpful daily practice.” 
~ Jeanette, San Francisco 

“Sahina’s gentle, supportive and non-judgmental demeanor immediately put me at ease. The EFT helped me to let go of thoughts and feelings which were not serving my Highest Good, which helped immensely. I can’t begin to describe what a difference she has made in my life.”
~ Charly, Bristol, UK

“After an EFT session with Sahina, I always feel more at peace with myself, and also towards my wife, family and friends.” 
~ Cesar, San Francisco 

“Sahina’s gentle but firm guidance has helped me resolve old emotional and physical hurts and turn them into opportunities for growth. The tools I’ve learned from her are still with me daily. They include meditation, journaling, Tapping and The Work of Byron Katie. Her sharing her own personal healing journey with me showed me there was a way out of the chronic sciatica pain which had virtually stopped me from being able to move, for months. Sahina creates a very safe place to feel the ‘scary’ feelings, and to heal.” 
~ Natasha, Taunton, UK

“The one overriding thing that struck me about our exchange was how genuinely, deeply, truly kind you are.” 
~ Julia, Exeter, UK 

 “I was really honored to have Sahina guide me through my healing journey. She is a clear, centered, wise Goddess mother who walks her talk. She is supportive, spiritually enlightened, and brings the best of all her expertise in personal and spiritual development in weaving a seamless, effortless transformational experience for me with such clarity. Thank you Sahina, I’m grateful that I found you.”
~ Ananda, San Francisco 

“Sahina is a warm, wise, sensitive guide. She has a gift for tuning people into their deeper truth in a very supportive way. She helped me identify and release some fears that were blocking my growth and hindering my progress.”
~ Sandra, San Francisco

“Sahina is patient, compassionate and non-judgmental, and only puts mild, loving pressure on clients when its for their own good.”
~ Toni, San Francisco 

“Thank you so much for the work you did with me over the past couple of years. It was so helpful, and really helped me change some unhealthy patterns that were getting in my way.”
~ Karen, London, UK

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